Virutal Bingo

Virtual Bingo Party

PRICE: 302.50

This is one of the best ways of virtually entertaining your team or group of friends during Lockdown. The activity is sold in conjunction with our cocktail boxes. When your company places the order for the boxes (minimum order 10), you can add virtual bingo at a cost of €250 + 21% VAT. We then arrange for an online virtual bingo session with one of our instructors (exclusive to your group – we do not mix parties) for a set date/time. We include bingo cards (sample) & markers in each cocktail box. The boxes can be sent to the home addresses of your staff or we can just deliver all boxes to your company.

Your company can include some fun prizes for the bingo at your discretion. For instance – a small prize of say a box of chocolates for one line and maybe a bottle of wine for bingo (full-house). The bingo lasts about 1hr and the number of games that will take place over an hour depends on the group size but ranges from 4-6 games. The minimum group size is 10 and the maximum is 99. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to play bingo. It isn’t difficult and our staff will run through this at the start (click here for video). We also provide instructions in the box and our instructors check regularly throughout the game how everyone is getting on.

To find out more detail about these packages – just contact our team by email or by calling (071)9143003. Check out the video below for an idea of the interface your staff will see. Once the bingo is over – staff are welcome to stay on and enjoy their cocktails in the zoom room for as long as they wish.